"Your Indecision is Killing Me" featured by World Music Creation.

World Music Creation / WMC Team, is a team that promotes music and post-production music. Its purpose is to gather and discover different musicians from all over the world, so that their music works can be found in the Asian region. They recently featured piano instrumental song "Your Indecision is Killing Me" , with the tagline: Healing music super nice piano song [30 minutes] a relaxing and stress-reducing choice !!

Collaboration project "eroctech" now out!

eroctech is the Electro/Art-Rock collaboration of Eric Toledo (The Black Penguins) and Philip Patton (peejmudd). Mostly instrumental, eroctech is like a cross between Syd Barret era Pink Floyd, and Boards of Canada. First single "5150 (I remember everything)" was released everywhere November 1st, 2019, to be followed up by full album release January 8th, 2020.

Discover the music of peejmudd with "This is: peejmudd" Playlist on Spotify

A sampling of Peejmudd from first 3 EP's, mostly Instrumental Rock music.

For fans of Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, Boards of Canada, The Album Leaf.

Song to listen: “Hope” by Peejmudd

"Peejmudd delivers a song so beautiful and that honestly has the power to pick you up when you are feeling down and to give you what the song is titled, “Hope”. Beautiful lyrics written by talented songwriter Eric Toledo and executed to perfection by Peejmudd. This is a song that can honestly turn a frown into a smile, sadness into joy, just so powerful and so touching. It’s written and sung from the soul, not just imagination or combination of words but more. “Hope” is a must listen not only for it’s positive message but also for the musical beauty it is."

peejmudd included in Flashback 2015: Post Rock list.

"Like an Ocean Slow Change Crashing" featured on Oneironaught.com

Post Rock from peejmudd’s album “It Hurts My Dream.”

It Hurts My Dream featured on VeryCoolTunes.com

Peejmudd Set To Release New EP "It Hurts My Dream" On June 17, 2016

New York, NY (Top40 Charts) Rock singer and instrumentalist Peejmudd announces the release of his new EP set for Friday June 17th, 2016 through Pichikin Recordings. The tracks are written, performed and recorded by Philip Patton, with the exception of "Gimme a Beatzzz" which was written by Eric Toledo. Dew of the Sea features Morgan Little on Cello. The album will be available for immediate purchase on all major digital media outlets including CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, to name a few. The EP, currently posted on Bandcamp, has an exclusive version with bonus tracks and is available June 17th for download.

"Lover Afire" featured on BEST of Post-Rock November 2013 Playlist

Progressive/ambient/experimental/post-ROCK mix with BEST tracks of 2013 with FREE download link!