peejmudd in home studio


Peejmudd, born Philip Patton, is a solo musician and guitarist based out of Chico, California. Having grown up with an interest in music, he began playing piano at age six, and guitar at age thirteen, forming the foundations and love of creating that would take him throughout his life. Always involved in music in some capacity, whether it be accompanying his Jr. High orchestra on piano, being an organist for his church throughout high school, being a music director for a summer camp, or attending school for a specialty in recording arts, music is something he has always had his hand in. He began playing with bands in high school and was a part of a Ska/Pop band called The Half Pints from 1997-1999. In the early 2000’s, Peejmudd began to write and create solo instrumental music and began recording and releasing his work in 2013.

Mostly instrumental rock and post-rock, Peejmudd’s music does not specifically conform to any one genre. His repertoire holds a variety of moods and styles, ranging from Indie and Alternative with songs such as “Hope,” to a more neo-classical feel, as found in “Dew of the Sea.” Influenced by artists such as Tom Waits, he aspires to always create exactly what he wants, not adhering to the popular formulas or structures of the music industry. Music for Peejmudd is a form of communication, and a way to open up and put his feelings and emotions on display; a way of saying all of the things that he cannot verbally say. Melody allows him a voice for any feeling or emotion he may be trying to share, and because of this, music has become a valuable tool.

With new work always forthcoming, he is hoping to get his songs licensed for movies and television, with hopes to eventually compose a score for an independent film on his own. Creating and recording music is a passion for Peejmudd, and something that truly brings him joy. To date, his work has been featured on several online outlets including “Flashback 2015: Post Rock List” on, and “Best of Post-Rock November 2013” on Droox Mixes YouTube Channel. For all who are interested, his work can be found online at, and across most popular streaming and music purchasing platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, BandCamp, and Amazon.